F-14 Tomcat

Designed by Matt Halton of England, this Twin Electric Ducted Fan F-14 offers good scale accuracy in a small package. Available for 69mm fans, this all wood construction EDF F-14 features a full variable geometry wing and the capability of utilizing small retractable landing Click to see kit contentsgear systems for take-off. Designed around the two minifan 480 fans, the F-14 is available as a complete package. The kit is comprised of laser cut balsa and plywood, foam wing, stabs, and dorsal cores, fiberglass inlet ducting (left and right), as well as fiberglass afterburners and nose cone. In addition, the kit includes CAD drawings, a clear plastic canopy, two fiberglass fan access hatches and a backbone hatch covering the wing sweep mechanisms, and vacuum formed plastic detail parts. This aircraft is set up for pneumatic mini retracts. The 123% larger version, suitable for 90mm EDF, consists of laser cut wood, full size plans, and canopy ONLY. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to call or email.

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See Qualifier Flight Video: JHI F-14 Qualifier 2004 Video (7 megs)*

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See 1st Flight Video: JHI Prototype Flight Video (6.5 megs)*
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Fan Unit: 69 mm (Mini Fan 480 or HW-609)
Scale: 1/15
Length: 48 inches
Wingspan: 57 inches (max), 34 inches (min)
Landing Gear: Mini JHH Retracts/Bungee Launch
Fan Unit: 90 mm
Scale: 1/12
Length: 61.5 inches
Wingspan: 66 inches (max), 39 inches (min)
Landing Gear: Mini JHH Retracts

The F-14 Tomcat kit features:
  •  Epoxy Fiberglass
    • Inlet ducting
    • Detailed afterburner nozzles
    • Nose cone
    • Main wing and fan Access Hatches
  • Preshaped Foam
    • Wing panels
    • Dorsal fins
    • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Laser Cut Wood
    • Complete built up fuselage
    • Pivot Mechanism for variable geometry wing
    • Pivot Mechanism for elevons
  • Canopy
  • Vacuum Formed Plastic Detail Parts
  • Comprehensive Full-sized CAD Plans and Photo Instruction Booklet
F-14 Tomcat Design Features:
  • Utilizes the latest electric ducted fan technology
  • Full variable geometry wing system
  • High efficiency fibreglass inlet system uses air from aircraft inlets
  • Performance airfoils, accurate outline and cross section for enhanced flight characteristics
  • Elevon control system
  • Capability of utilizing small retractable landing gear systems
  • Wings are removable with access hatch to battery compartment
  • Kit supplied with all pre-cut wood and pivot mechanism for swing wing

JHI F-14 Wins First Place Expert at the Scale Master's Qualifier!!!
A first for EDF's.

This past weekend (June 12-13, 2004) was the Western Regional Scale Master's Qualifier. Chris Wolfe and his F-14 prototype entered the "Expert" category of the event. The F-14 achieved a static score of 90.75 (3rd overall) and achieved the highest flight score for the event at 94.25. It was a fun weekend with lots of great flying being performed. In the end, Chris and his F-14 came out 1st in the Expert category. As a result, Chris and his F-14 have qualified for the Scale Masters Championships. This is the first time an electric jet has been entered into a Scale Master's competition let alone won the Expert category!

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See Qualifier Flight Video: JHI F-14 Qualifier 2004 Video (7 megs)*
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See Flight 1st Flight Video: JHI Prototype Flight Video (6.5 megs)*
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The following are pictures from the Scale Master's Regional Qualifier.





JHI F-14 Flight Report!!! (new in-flight pics)

We are rapidly getting more and more flight time on the EDF F-14 prototype and the more we fly it...the more we like it! This airplane is an excellent flying aircraft. It locks in and grooves through all of the maneuvers we've put it through. The aircraft remains extremely stable in all aspects of its flight envelope with the wings in any position and handles beautifully. It flies with great authority yet slows down settles in for those realistic landings. Below are a series of in-flight shots courtesy of

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Just Added-- See Qualifier Flight Video: JHI F-14 Qualifier 2004 Video (7 megs)*
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See Flight Video: JHI Prototype Flight Video (6.5 megs)*
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JHI EDF F-14 Prototype Specifications

Shown in the pictures below is our EDF F-14 prototype, the paint scheme represents an F-14 adversary aircraft based out of NAS Fallon as part of the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC). The aircraft utilizes 2 MiniFan 480 fans driven by Hacker B40-7L motors and with Hacker Master 70 amp Opto controllors. Originally the aircraft was flown with by two 10-cell GP 3300 battery pack (20-cells total), but we have now upgraded to Lithium Polymer 8000 mah battery packs. Bench tests show the motors are pulling around 51 amps at roughly 575 watts each. This gives a total output of about 1150 watts. The aircraft is outfitted with Mini Spring Air 602 retracts and utilizes a fully functional variable geometry wing.

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