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F-16 Fighting Falcon

Jet Hangar F-16 Fight Falcon

The Jet Hangar International F-16 Fighting Falcon was initially developed for the movies Iron Eagle I and II. Available as either an "A" or "C" model, this aircraft is part of the Jet Hangar International "Designer Series" of aircraft. Available on special order, the F-16 offers modelers the opportunity to receive a premade fiberglass fuselage, foam wings, stabilizers, and dorsal for scratch building of this great flying aircraft. Also included are a canopy and two piece exhaust liner and single piece inlet liner. The F-16 Fighting Falcon offers great performance and stable flight in all flight regimes including excellent landing characteristics. Capable of speeds upwards of 150 mph, this aircraft is for those who want the experience of the Jet Hangar International design shop. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to call or email.

F-16 pricing and accessories can be viewed on our ACCESSORIES page.

Fan Unit: 5" Turbax Fan System
Scale: 1/10
Length: 55 inches
Wingspan: 40 inches
Landing Gear: JHI Heavy Duty Retracts

F-16 Fighting Falcon kit features:
  • Epoxy Fiberglass
    • Fuselage
    • Two piece exhaust liner
    • Inlet duct
    • External inlet lip
  • Precision Cut Foam
    • Wing panels
    • Stabilizers
    • Dorsal
  • Canopy
  • Shop drawings of fuselage bulkheads and placement
F-16 Fighting Falcon Design Features:
  • Utilizes a Turbax 5" fan system
  • Flow through inlet technology - NO CHEATER HOLES!
  • Scale airfoils, accurate outline and cross sections for enhanced flight characteristics
  • Full flying stabilizer
  • Designer series allowing the modeler the opportunity to internally engineer the aircraft


For a catalog send $3.00 U.S., $5.00 international to:

Jet Hangar Hobbies, Inc.
Post Office Box 1607
Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716
phone: 562-467-0260