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Mirage/IAI Kfir

Jet Hangar Mirage/Kfir

The Jet Hangar International Mirage/Kfir is a five way kit which can be built as one of the following: Mirage III, V, 50, III NG, 2000, Kfir C-1, C-2, or F21A. Though, the basic kit is a Mirage III, we offer options for all of the various models. The delta design is truly a magnificent and stable design. This aircraft has recorded flights up to 180 mph and still, the stable slow speed characteristics of the Mirage/Kfir allow you to grease those perfect landings. The kit includes plans for both sport (45") and scale (36") built up wings and comes with a 42" foam wing. Any of the three wings will fit the fuselage wing saddle. Though designed around our TURBAX fan system, this aircraft is capable of utilizing any 5" fan system and turbine engines. Used in the movies Iron Eagle I and Iron Eagle II, the Jet Hangar International Mirage/Kfir received high static at the U.S. Scale Masters Championship in 1981 built up as a Kfir C-2 (shown in the photo above). We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to call or email.



 Mirage pricing and accessories can be viewed on our ACCESSORIES page.

Fan Unit: 5" Turbax Fan System or MW-54/44
Scale: 1/9

61.25 inches (basic Mirage III kit)
63.5 or 67.5 inches (modified long nose)


36" Scale
42" Foam
45" Sport

Landing Gear: JHI Heavy Duty Retracts (scale oleos available)

Mirage/Kfir kit features:
  •  Epoxy Fiberglass
    • Fuselage
    • High-Tech scale air inlet system
    • Exhaust liner
  • Preshaped Foam
    • 42" wing
    • Dorsal
  • Precision Cut Wood
    • Precision cut balsa and plywood parts
    • Sheeting
  • Full size templates for both built up wings
  • Canopy
  • Vacuum formed accessory set
  • Comprehensive Full-sized Plans Illustrating the 5 Mirage Variants and Photo Instruction Booklet
Mirage/Kfir Design Features:
  • Utilizes a Turbax 5" fan system or turbine
  • High-Tech scale air inlet system
  • Convertable to turbine with minor modifications
  • Accurate outline and cross sections for enhanced flight characteristics
  • 5 different aircraft variations can be built
  • Optional scale oleo landing gear (mains and nose)
  • Wing is removable - Complete jet can be transported in a compact car

Our Mirage kit, still a scale contender!

Our Mirage design first saw competition at the 1981 US Scale Masters Championships receiving a high static score and a third place finish. Well, it has been 32 years since then, and the Mirage has once again placed in the upper elite of the US Scale Masters Championships! This past October, Chris Wolfe competed with his fully decked out award winning Mirage IIIRS at the 33rd USSMA championships finishing 4th place in Expert! He scored a 98.75 in static and averaged a 92.92 in his top 3 flight scores. He was also awarded, "Best Military" for the airplane. Below are some pics of the finishing touches Chris added for the competition. The details include a custom 3D printed turkey feather section, fully scaled out landing gear and additional panel and rivet detail.

The Versatility of the Mirage is more than just in the kit options!

Brent Hecht built one of our Mirage kits into this beautiful Kfir. To power it, he cut down one of our turbax fans down to 105mm and placed it into a custom shroud showing the versatility of not just the kit, but of our E-Turbax fan as well! The airplane came in at about 13lb and has exceptional performance!

photo by: Will Smith

photo by: Will Smith

photo by: Will Smith

photo by: Will Smith

Our Mirage is an Ideal Candidate for our E-Turbax!

Chris Wolfe has been flying one of our Mirage's with our 12s E-Turbax fan and he loves it! Being built into a Swiss reconnaissance Mirage IIIRS, the airplane sports every detail that the full size had including nav lights, landing lights, antennas, scale landing gear, and even an LED ring in the tail to simulate afterburner! Having won awards at numerous events (including Best EDF Performance at AZJR '09, Best EDF at the Scale Squadron Fly-in '10, Best Scale Military at the Firecracker Scale Fly-in '10), the aircraft displays the performance of it's full size Mach 2 counterpart with fast passes at partial throttle (even faster with full AB!) and great verticals. The 12s battery setup is installed by way of 3 4s convertible batteries wired in series with 1 battery installed through the canopy hatch between the inlets and the other 2 installed on either side of the inlets.

Have any questions? Email us.

Below are some pictures of the 12s E-Turbax powered Mirage.

photo by: Don Aitken

photo by: Don Aitken

photo by: Don Aitken



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