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F9F-4/5 Panther

Jet Hangar F9F-4/5 Panther

The Jet Hangar Hobbies F9F-4/5 Panther brings to you the excitement of flying one of those classic Korean war birds as depicted in the movie, "Bridges at Toko-ri," in 1/9 scale. Imagine duplicating the heroic flying of Korean War combat or Blue Angels Panthers flying of the early 50's as you perform those graceful maneuvers that this aircraft does so well! Designed for the Turbax ducted fan unit, the speed of the F9F-4/5 Panther ranges from 160 mph to a modest 18 mph landing speed. The aircraft may be landed even slower yet if speed brakes and wing and body flaps are used. All of these features are shown in the kit. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to call or email.


 F9F-4/5 pricing and accessories can be viewed on our ACCESSORIES page.

Fan Unit: 120mm Turbax Fan Systems, 90mm EDF, or MW-44 turbine
Scale: 1/9
Length: 56 inches
Wingspan: 52 inches
Landing Gear: JHI Heavy Duty Retracts (T-28 style required for nose; scale oleos available)

The F9F-4/5 Panther kit features:
  •  Epoxy Fiberglass
    • Fuselage
    • 3-piece inlet liner system
    • Exhaust liner
    • Preseamed wing tip tanks
  • Preshaped Foam
    • Wing panels
    • Stabilizer
  • Precision Cut Wood
    • Precision cut balsa and plywood parts
    • Sheeting
  • Canopy
  • Plans for building a cockpit
  • Comprehensive Full-sized Plans and Photo Instruction Booklet
F9F-4/5 Panther Design Features:
  • Utilizes a Turbax 5" fan system or turbine
  • High flow inlets - NO CHEATER HOLES!
  • Convertable to turbine with minor modifications
  • Built up dorsal - builds on fuselage
  • Scale airfoils, accurate outline and cross sections for enhanced flight characteristics
  • Optional flaps, speed brakes and body flaps
  • Optional scale oleo landing gear (nose and mains) see accessories
  • Wing tanks are removable - minimize damage while transporting
  • Kit supplied with all pre-cut wood, foam wings and lightweight fiberglass parts


JHH F9F Panther with our 12s 90mm EDF!

We've outfitted one of our Panthers with our 12s 90mm fan setup and this airplane HAULS! The beauty of the installation is that it allows for a fully ducted inlet with room to install all of the bells and whistles you could think of. Larry Wolfe built this panther with fully operational speed brakes, body flaps, leading and trailing edge flaps, blow in doors, tail skid, etc., and the airplane with 12s 6500 mah batteries only weighs in at 14 lb. The airplane is extremely fast at full throttle (approaching 170 mph) yet still slows to a crawl on landings. Below are some pics of the installation. 90mm ducting for the Panther is available, so please feel free to email or call with any questions.

See Panther Kit Pricing

Below are some pictures of the 12s 90mm powered Panther.

photo by: John Reid, Airage Media


Additional pictures of the F9F4 Panther shown above.

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