F-4 Phantom II

Jet Hangar F-4 Phantom

The Jet Hangar International F-4 Phantom II represents the most accurate scale model of this aircraft ever put into kit format. Having been developed directly from McDonnell-Douglas factory loft data, it's no wonder that this 1/10 scale model received high static score at Top Gun in 1990! The F-4 Phantom II is 100% scale in outline, airfoils, and cross-sections, yet still features simplicity of construction while keeping economy in mind. Whether your interest is sport or competition, this aircraft's flight characteristics are nothing short of spectacular with speeds ranging upwards of 170 mph to approximately 20 mph on landing. The F-4 Phantom II can be built as any of the F-4 variants ranging from the early F-4B to the F-4S. Flaps are an option and will add true realism to every flight. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to call or email.


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Fan Unit: 5" Ducted Fan Systems or MW-54
Scale: 1/10
Length: 68 inches
Wingspan: 44 inches
Landing Gear: JHI Heavy Duty Retracts (scale oleos available)

The F-4 Phantom II kit features:
  •  Epoxy Fiberglass
    • fuselage and bellypan
    • High-tech scale air inlet system
    • Bifurcated exhaust ducting
    • Tail cones
  • Preshaped Foam
    • Inner wing panels
    • Dorsal fin
  • Precision Cut Wood
    • All necessary plywood and balsa parts
    • Wing sheeting
  • Canopy
  • Vacuum-formed Cockpit Interior
  • Pivot Mechanism for the Flying Stabilizer
  • Pre-bent Landing Gear Wire
  • Comprehensive Full-sized Plans and Photo Instruction Booklet
F-4 Phantom II Design Features:
  • Utilizes a Dynamax or equivalent single 5" fan system
  • High tech scale inlet system uses air from aircraft inlets - Has no cheater holes
  • Scale inlets have boundary layer diverter and scale splitter plate
  • Uses muffled tuned pipe with bifurcated exhaust system for a twin engine exhaust in-flight look
  • Scale airfoils, accurate outline and cross section
  • Stab has scale inverted airfoil which allows the aircraft to rotate just like the full size aircraft
  • Bifurcated tail duct
  • Wing is removable - Complete jet can be transported in a compact car
  • Kit supplied with all pre-cut wood, pivot mechanism for full flying stab and all pre-bent landing gear wire and is essentially a full kit.

Additional pictures of Larry Wolfe's Competition F-4 (as seen at Top Gun 1990).

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