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F-86 Sabre/FJ2/3 Fury

Jet Hangar F-86/FJ-2/3

The Jet Hangar International F-86F Sabre/FJ-2/3 Fury is a true ducted fan trainer. This kit provides a simple to build and easy to fly trainer type ducted fan aircraft while still maintaining the scale lines of the F-86F Sabre and FJ-2/3 Fury. Designed around our TURBAX fan system with a K&B 7.5, .48 or OS .46 VX-DF, this forgiving flying airplane is also ideal for the MW-44 turbine! Designed with a modified flat bottom airfoil with a symmetrical tip airfoil, the aircraft exhibits excellent stability at all speed ranges. Include the flaps and speed brakes and this aircraft will amaze you with the tremendously stable and slow landings you'll be performing. You are sure to WOW them at the flying field with our F-86F Sabre/FJ-2/3 Fury. It is simple to build and fly and is ever so forgiving to the pilot. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to call or email.


 F-86F pricing and accessories can be viewed on our ACCESSORIES page.

Fan Unit: 5" Turbax Fan System or MW-44
Scale: 1/9
Length: 50.5 inches
Wingspan: 50.5 inches
Landing Gear: JHI Heavy Duty Retracts (scale oleos available)

F-86F Sabre/FJ-2/3 Fury kit features:
  •  Epoxy Fiberglass
    • 3-piece fuselage
      • Premolded nose inlet
      • Premolded hatch
    • Exhaust liner
  • Preshaped Foam
    • Wing panels
    • Wing center section
  • Precision Cut Wood
    • Precision cut balsa and plywood parts
    • Sheeting
  • Canopy
  • Optional Prebuilt Cockpit
  • Comprehensive Full-sized Plans and Photo Instruction Booklet
F-86F Sabre/FJ-2/3 Fury Design Features:
  • Utilizes a Turbax 5" fan system or turbine
  • Flow through inlet design with auxiliary inlet for increased flow - NO CHEATER HOLES!
  • Convertible to turbine with minor modifications
  • Modified flat bottom airfoil wing with symmetrical tip for enhanced flight characteristics
  • Accurate outline and cross sections
  • Optional flaps and speed brakes
  • Optional scale oleo landing gear (nose and mains)
  • Premolded hatch and nose inlet
  • Wing is removable - Complete jet can be transported in a compact car
  • Kit supplied with all pre-cut wood, foam wings and lightweight fiberglass parts

JHH FJ-3/F-86 90mm Installation!

You can't beat the flying characteristics of the sabre, and with the 90mm installation, it's a treat! The beauty of the 90mm fan in our sabre is that it doesn't require an auxillary inlet, so with the characteristic round sabre inlet lip and a full duct, the fan sees extremely clean airflow. As with the E-Turbax installation, 2 6s batteries easily fit along side the inlet ducting and . In flight, the airplane has been clocked at over 160mph and has a great authoritative climb. Shown below (built by Brent Hecht), the model has been covered in aluminum tape which gives a beautiful natural metal finish. The airplane represents Major James Jabara's sabre from the end of the Korean War. The ready to fly weight is 13.5lbs.

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  See Flight Video: JHH 12s90 Powered F-86 Flight Video (6.5 megs)*
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JHH FJ-3/F-86 E-Turbax Installation!

The beauty of the E-Turbax is the ability to be able to install it into any of our aircraft without modification. Below shows the simple 12s E-Turbax installation into one of our Sabres. With the long hatch on this aircraft, accessibility is a breeze and the 2 6s convertible battery packs fit easily along side the ducting easily. Instead of having an auxilliary intake as was typical with the glow ducted fan, we are pulling additional air through the nose landing gear well. In flight, the airplane is easily pushing over 150 and will climb as far as you want to push it. The sabre is also a good candidate of one of our high power 90mm MidiFan setups.

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JHH FJ-3 Flight Report!!!

We just recently completed building and initial flight tests of our F-86/FJ-3 Fury with an MW-44 turbine installation. What a perfect match! If you want scale, you can't beat this combination. This aircraft flies great with beautiful scale takeoffs, nice big vertical loops and fast high speed flight. The aircraft weighs in at 12 1/2 lbs ready for takeoff and carrying 32 ounces of fuel we get 8-9 minutes of fun. Additional pictures of the installation details can be seen on our turbine installations page

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See Flight Video: JHI F-86/FJ-3 Flight Video (6.5 megs)*
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