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Builder: Sean McHale

Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania

Sean took one of our Desert Storm painted A-7E's and performed a gorgeous scale makeover on it. With a 10s powered E-Turbax in it, and loaded with AIM-9s and Mk83s, this SLUF is ready for action! A nice touch Sean added to the model were the hundreds of labels and placards all over the airframe. It adds that extra touch of realism!

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Builder: Tom Bateman

Location: San Diego, California

Tom took one of our South East Asia painted A-7D's and performed the ultimate scale makeover on it! Flying with our Turbax 46 glow ducted fan units, this vietnam weathered bird has it all including scale ordnance and a fully detailed cockpit. This airplane has to be seen to be believed! Tom has this to say about his A-7D

"I'm really enjoying the A-7.  Now that I'm familiar with it, it's a joy to fly...Thanks again for all the help."

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Builder: Craig Gottschang

Location: Sautee, Georgia

Craig was an Air Force aviator in the 388 TFW during vietnam and was one of the few vietnam aviators who actually flew A-7D #982! So, when he saw our SEA A-7D, it brought back a few memories. Craig has set his bird up with our 12s E-Turbax fan and is very pleased with the performance. Here is one of his stories while flying 982. Thanks for sharing it with us Craig!

"I had my old logbook out and confirmed I had flown 982 on 5 or 6 combat missions in Vietnam . Coincidentally, I was in 982 on one of my more memorable flights….Christmas day in 1972. Despite Nixon's one day bombing halt in “Vietnam”, late in the day some General scrambled the two of us standing alert to fly a mission in Cambodia . Being the only 2 airplanes flying is South East Asia that day, they really unloaded on us, particularly me being the second guy in. I took a hit in the engine and was loosing power and gas fast. I barely made it back across the border into Thailand and was able to land at Ubon, the nearest base, streaming fuel all the way. Got to spend the rest of Christmas away from my unit. I was lucky though, the mechanic who worked on the plane the next day said there was no way the engine should have been able to run with the damage it had to the fuel control. I still think of it as my “Christmas present” that year."

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Builder: John Angiol

Location: Los Angeles, California

John has custom painted his A-7 Corsair II in this Virginia Air National Guard paint scheme. Known as "Death Dealer" from the fuselage emblem, this aircraft is setup for glow ducted fan using our Turbax 46 fan system. John is currently assembling a turbine version of our A-7 in SEA colors for an MW-44 as he gets some stick time on this DF bird.

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Builder: Yann Billet

Location: Toulouse, France

Yann has custom painted this beautiful A-7 in the colorful VA-86 sidewinders paint scheme. With his effective weathering the SLUF has the appearance of a well used war fighter (as it should :) )! Yann has this to say about his A-7E:

"It took me three month to do the paint job. I used Tamiya and gunze colors. Decals were custom made by "Tailomade decals" in Germany. This paint scheme represents A-7E SN#159308 of VA-86 sidewinders december 11th, 1975. Paint and markings are accurate."

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Builder: Mike Warren

Location: Albequerque, NM

Mike is another modeler to model an aircraft he was familiar with though, in this case, he was the pilot! Mike has created a beautiful scale replica of the aircraft he flew at Myrtle Beach in 1979. Have a look at the red pilot's placard under the forward canopy! Here is what he has to say::

"Here are some pix of the result so far, looking darn close to a 1/10th size rendition of my jet while I was at Myrtle Beach AFB in June '79. Just need to turn out some Mk82's for the pylons!"

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Builder: Dick Driftmyer

Location: Toledo, OH

Since the release of our ARF A-7, we have had a few modellers model A-7s which they either flew or worked on. Dick was an aircraft maintenance supervisor for the Ohio National Guard and created a nicely finished replica of the commanders aircraft that he worked on during his time spent in the Guard. He has this to say:

"This model is SN 72180. It was the 180th Tactical Fighter Group commanders aircraft from approximately 1985-1992. I happened to be the aircraft maintanence supervisor during that period. The markings are accurate including the pilot/crew chief names (LtCol. John Smith, Msgt Barbara Sears)..."

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Builder: Chris Wolfe

Location: San Diego, CA

Chris, JHI designer and pilot, took the very first factory assembled A-7 prototype and gave it an extreme scale makeover. Through some re-engineering and considerable time spent detailing, painting weathering the aircraft, the model was made competition worthy. The model includes a functional arresting hook and landing lights. The model depicts the VA-72 commanding officer's aircraft at the end of the Desert Storm conflict. The model scored a static score of 98 at the 2007 Hemet Scale Master's qualifier.

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 Mont with his A-7

Builder: Mont Cartwright

Location: Orlando, Florida

Long time builder of Jet Hangar aircraft, Mont shows off his latest masterpiece, our A-7E in Puerto Rican colors. Mont does custom built JHI aircraft. If you are interested in having him build one of our kits for you, contact him by email at Mont@jethangar.com

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