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Builder: Avi Dekallo

Location: Isreal

Avi took a 20 year old Kfir airframe and performed a complete rebuild on it to create this beuatiful rendition of the legendary Kfir. Avi has this to say about it:

"The plane is owned by my partner Gaby Keidar and I. It weighs aprox. 8kg, powerd by the wren supersport, and painted based on one of the IAI experiment plane when they modified the Kfir C1 to C2. The plane was a junk for almost 20 years and we thought to throw it, but eventually we built it almost  from scratch based on the JHI Kfir/Mirage with the help of you guys from Jet Hangar ."

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Builder: Mark Cunningham

Location: Lincoln Park, New Jersey

Mark has finished out one of our 5-way Mirage kits as an Isreali KFIR. This sweet looking machine is powered by a Wren MW-54 mkIII 14lb thrust engine which gives the airplane exceptional performance! Painted with water base colors, this airplane took first place in scale at the 13th Annual Big Apple Jet Rally in 2005 at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York . 

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Builder: Shawn Ashby

Location: Prescott, Arizona

Shawn, an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student, built this nice looking Mirage III. It's painted with Krylon 1402 bright aluminum in an RAAF paint scheme. Here are some of Shawn's comments:

"What a great little airplane this is. Construction was kept simple and speedy for the college student using the foam core wing and vertical stab options. I started building the Model in late January and was completely finished by late July(while studying, flying and going to school of course). The detachable wing allows a lot of room to work on the inner workings of the model, and sure is a nice thing to have after working on other one piece aircraft designs. Balancing the model, even with the larger than called for motor required hardly any weight, placement of peripherals and a heavy pilot bust helped out :-)."

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