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Location: Arizona Jet Rally

The Arizona Jet Rally is always a nice event and we always enjoy our weekend there. There was a wide assortment of turbine and ducted fan aircraft this year and there was plenty of flying that took place. For those who couldn't make it, we thought that we would bring a little bit of the event to you.

   The New ARF Hawk made quite an impression at the rally. Several people got a chance at the sticks and had positive things to say about the looks and flight characteristics of this airplane. Watch for Ivan Munninghoff's comments in the "Fan Facts" column of Flying Models and for Greg Moore's review of the event as well.
   Roy Mills of Newport Beach, CA, brought his OS .46 VXDF powered F-86f. This aircraft flew great with the Turbax 46 combination! Plenty of power and plenty of speed. :) More pictures of this aircraft are in the Sabre Gallery.
   Ira Knowles of Las Vegas brought this K&B 7.5 powered Fury. Unfortunately, this well crafted Fury wasn't flown during the course of the weekend. More pictures of this aircraft are in the Sabre Gallery.
   Roy's Sabre on takeoff roll.
   Larry giving an interview to Lloyd Lopez of Lears Video Productions.


Location: Missouri Valley Jet Scramble

Jim Simonitch from Omaha, Nebraska sent us this photo taken at the Missouri Valley Jet Scramble of 3 of our Sabres and 2 Munninghoff F-15s...all Turbax powered. The Blue Impulse Sabre (furthest from the front) is his.

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