F-86 Sabre/FJ-2/3 Fury Gallery



Owner: Jeff Fassbinder

Location: Los Angeles, CA

When he's not pulling some serious 3D aerobatics with his helicopters, Jeff Fassbinder enjoys flying 12s E-Turbax powered sabre. Jeff has this to say about the airplane:

"It has the E-Turbax fan unit running 12S. This system works great. My heavy thumb puts me at about 4 minutes and its time to land, please note that the batteries are 4900mah so a little less less electrons. Looks and sound great in the air and landing is not an issue even with a little more weight."

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Owner: Tony Kameen

Location: Moreno Valley , CA

This beautifully done sabre was built by a long time builder of Jet Hangar aircraft, Tony Kameen. He has a great attention to detail the really add significant realism to his models. You can see some of Tony's handywork in some of our cockpit kits.

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Owner: Rick Durant

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Rick built this nicely done sabre a few years ago and it's still going strong with our Turbax 46 fan unit.

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Owner: Dorian Anderson

Location: Inglewood, California

Dorian has this Sabre setup with the GWM FD 3/67 turbine. This beautifully crafted replica of a Republic of Korea Air Force Sabre is covered entirely in "Ultra Coat Plus." The ultra coat is applied in panels to give the effect of bare aluminum surface panels; all other colors are painted over the ultra coat.

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 Dean with his F-86

Owner: Dean Wichmann

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Owner of Helijet R/C Intl., Dean displays his latest F-86f Sabre destined for the Canadian flight team "Golden Hawks" paint scheme. This aircraft is currently flying with a RAM 500 turbine. To find out more see our Turbine Conversions page.

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Owner: Roy Mills

Location: Newport Beach, California

Recognized as "Air Rookie #1," Roy was at the Arizona Jet Rally with this Canadian Sabre. This aircraft is powered with the OS .46 VXDF Turbax combination and flys great! Flying shots of this bird are posted in the events gallery.

Roy is currently working on one of our Mirage's for a RAM 500.

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Owner: Ira Knowles

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Ira built this nice looking Fury. Complete with flaps, speed brakes and functional tail skid, this Fury is ready for action!

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